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Session 23: Research Proves Anxiety Goes Away. Relationships Matter More Than Your Cholesterol.

Research gives us valuable information about anxiety and hope for what works to heal our anxiety to live meaningful lives.

In today's episode Lindsey Huttner, an anxiety therapist and coach, will give you information found in research studies, from Harvard to the University of Toronto, that may help you decide where to focus your energy in your life.  

Research from the University of Toronto found that 40% of people with anxiety recovered to not have any anxiety symptoms and meet the measures for "complete mental health" in their study. They found that around 12% of Canadians have suffered from anxiety disorders. They found factors that these people who recovered from anxiety shared were using spirituality for coping and having at least one person they have a close relationship with. The article can be found here:

Lindsey shares information that comes from a Harvard research study where they studied a group of people for over 75 years. They generated tens of thousands of data and research on this group of people and the biggest lesson they learned from them was that quality relationships matter the most. 

Those that had quality close relationships at age 50 were in the best health by age 80. Healthy close relationships were more significant predictors of good health than cholesterol levels. Read the research here and watch the TED talk:


Get proven strategies to be your own therapist, to get more relief, lightness, and hope in your daily life here: 

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Lindsey is giving you all a free copy of the daily self esteem journal she has made to help people. Get your own self esteem journal here. 

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