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Session 31: The Way to Get Ahead of Your Seasonal Anxiety/Depression

How do you get ahead of your seasonal anxiety & depression? Tis the season to start thinking proactively to prevent your mood from falling. 

In today's episode Lindsey Huttner, an anxiety therapist and coach, tells you exactly how you can use concrete tips and habits to keep your mood up and catch your mood before it falls. 

In anxiTea, Lindsey shares all about seasonal affect disorder tips to use for prevention!

Those of us that suffer from low mood from the lack of sunlight in Fall-Winter can start to feel helpless. Feeling like the season is changing and there is nothing we can do about except fall into a lower mood for half the year is a terrible way to feel. We do not have to feel that way when there are real research proven methods to improve our mood and protect ourselves from seasonal affect disorder. 

While your brain makes less serotonin when there is a lack of sunlight there are creative ways to get more sunlight, such as going out in the morning time when the quality of sunlight is different and improves your mood more than the rest of the day. The sun is still out early in the morning during the Fall as well but most of us do not optimize that time of day to get our sunlight exposure in. 

Mini habits and tiny goals are the way to build yourself habits to keep your spirits up for as long as possible this season. 

We change what can and remember, we can always change our perspective on the rest of things that we cannot change and prepare best we can to have a positive experience. 

In Skill of the Week, Lindsey talks about which tip you will implement yourself. 

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