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I help women with anxiety feel relieved and hopeful  through teaching proven strategies to be their own therapist.

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Meet Lindsey

I’m Lindsey!


I help women with anxiety feel relieved and hopeful through teaching proven strategies to be their own therapist.


I’m a licensed clinical therapist that specializes in anxiety treatment by training and showing up here as an anxiety coach to teach people how to be their own therapist instead. How did I get here?

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I teach you a PROVEN formula to be your own therapist so you can feel……







I help women who struggle with Anxiety

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Do these feelings sound familiar to you...

  • I need to feel productive to feel good about myself.

  • I feel worried and fearful about things other people don’t seem to worry about.

  • I often get headaches, stomach problems, chest pain/tightness, dizziness, muscle tension, heart palpitations, can’t get enough air, trouble with memory, or trouble sleeping.

  • I procrastinate and struggle with motivation even though I have anxiety about getting things done.

  • I’m afraid of traveling on the subway, bus, car, or plane.

  • I’m uncomfortable being alone.

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  • You will learn research-proven techniques and skills to reduce your anxiety symptoms.

  • You will rewire your brain to think differently and thus change behavior patterns.

  • You will learn specifically what to do with anxious thoughts when they visit you and how to reduce them. 

  • You will learn new ways of thinking about your anxiety and build a healthy relationship with it so you will not feel panic when it occurs. 

  • You will identify your values so you have a concrete guide to help you make decisions, set realistic goals, and build more meaning into your life. 

  • You will learn how many ways to set goals based on what works specifically for you that are actually achievable for you and your lifestyle and how to go about achieving those goals, building momentum.

  • You will be comfortable with uncertainty, even if you don’t like uncertainty, it will not cause you distress any longer.

  • You will feel lighter and less burdened by chronic worry.

  • You will know exactly what to do when anxiety comes to visit, how to engage with that anxiety, how to help it go on its way and what to do to reset yourself so it will not ruin your day.

  • You will learn how to think of anxiety in a completely new way that will set you up for long-term success when working on getting you relief. 

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With my tools...

Don't know where to start? Get my anxiety tool that helps you pinpoint WHY you are feeling anxious.

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I Help Women Find

Confidence & Assertiveness

From the small things…

  • What if you could call in your food order yourself and didn’t have to ask your partner to do it for you?

  • What if you could ask the barista for a different coffee because yours tastes weird?

  • What if you could ask for a cup of water in a Starbucks or Panera and not buy anything else?

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To the big things…

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Find more information about our No More People Pleasing Mini Course and our special offer.

  • What if you said no to helping that family member move this weekend?

  • What if you told your in-laws you don’t want to do a holiday with them because you would rather run off to an Airbnb and start your own tradition?

  • What if you asked your job for that long-overdue raise?

  • What if you stopped replaying conversations you had with someone in your head all day and stopped telling yourself what you should have said…

  • What if you could make new friends as an adult?

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"Lindsey Huttner is caring, knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and determined to help. Individualism and communication are two of her greatest strength.  As a fellow Social Worker I am proud of the work she does. I highly recommend Lindsey Huttner LCSW to anyone looking to heal and work on themselves."

“I can’t recommend Lindsey Huttner, LCSW highly enough. Her education, training, and experience are extensive, but the depth of her warmth, generosity, and compassion are what truly what stands out. Lindsey is incredibly easy to talk to and caring. She provides her clients a non-judgmental, safe space to explore their concerns and she offers valuable tools and resources to help quell issues with anxiety and depression. I’m happy to know that anyone I recommend to Lindsey is treated with the utmost respect and care!”

"I am a Nurse Practitioner who had the pleasure of working with Lindsey Huttner as she counseled many of my patients.  I witnessed the positive effects of her insight, calming nature, non-judgemental assessment and guidance. I highly recommend her as a therapist."



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