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Unlock Your Therapy

Get proven strategies to be your own therapist, to get more relief, lightness and hope in your daily life. As a licensed anxiety therapist that gives therapy and has been IN therapy I have a unique understanding of what helps and what does not! Get the tools to make real progress from chronic worry to feeling peace and calm. This is Unlock Your Therapy.

Unlock Your Therapy Courses

No more awkward phone calls trying to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out if any of the 10 therapists you’ve called will be a good fit for the exact problems you are going through!


No more reading through directories and google reviews to see if you would like this person’s approach to helping you.


No more calling therapist after therapist and hearing crickets as you are in need of real help.


No more calculating copays, out-of-pocket costs, etc just to start feeling better.


No more driving to therapy appointments and leaving not sure you are getting anything out of your sessions that you’re paying a lot of money for and using a lot of time to get to their office after a long day.

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Unlock Your Therapy Resources

I personally LOVE ecourses, ebooks, personal coaches, youtube videos and podcasts. I love learning information on my own time, at my own pace, and in a way I can pause, go back, rewatch, re-read, and have at my fingertips forever. So this is what I have made for YOU.


You own the course materials forever. Unlike therapy sessions, you don’t have to forget what you learned. You can always go back when you are having a hard time and refresh your tools. When any of the courses are updated you get access to the updated content for life. You never have to go find a new therapist so to speak (been there, done that).

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