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Meet Lindsey

LCSW Anxiety Therapist & Coach

I’m Lindsey! I help women with anxiety feel relieved and hopeful through teaching proven strategies to be their own therapist. I’m a licensed clinical therapist that specializes in anxiety treatment by training and showing up here as an anxiety coach to teach people how to be their own therapist instead. How did I get here?


Well, I grew up in a town called Wappingers Falls, NY in the Hudson Valley, it’s a hybrid of suburbs meets country, the kind of place where a chicken will be crossing the road and then 15 minutes later you’ll be stuck in traffic on your way to the mall. I loved growing up there especially now that I live in NYC I appreciate being in the nature of the HV so much more.


Eventually, I moved away and went off to college. I began experiencing severe anxiety. I put a lot of pressure on myself in college. The workload was overwhelming. I began to have heart palpitations, heart racing, stomach aches, migraines and serious tension in my body. I had no idea what anxiety was or what was wrong with me. I ended up going to the ER because my heart was racing so hard. Then I found a therapist! Eureka! My college had a counseling center, and although I hated the first therapist, I loved the second one after I switched! I took anti-anxiety medication for several months. With the tools I got from my therapist and the awareness she helped me have I maintained my mental health for a good while without the medication. The following year in the Spring I had an increase in anxiety again and I went back to my therapist for a few weeks to get a tune-up. After that I had much lower anxiety, much more manageable for several years.

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I became a therapist myself because I felt my anxiety was SO uncomfortable and painful that I wanted to help others that were suffering. I always felt that only someone who had anxiety themselves and went through that difficult experience would be able to understand in a unique way what someone was going through with anxiety.


I wish my therapist would have told me, “Yes I had terrible awful anxiety before and I know from experience how terrible you are feeling, you aren’t crazy.” No one ever told me that, so I made it a point to always tell my clients with anxiety that I too suffered with anxiety. Later in my life, in my 30s, I had an episode of anxiety again, this time it was for existential anxiety (maybe something about your 30s does this to you) and back to therapy I went. I found a new therapist this time and he helped me so much. I stayed with him for a few months and felt better again. Progress isn’t linear!


After being a therapist for many years I found a therapy style that I connected with personally AND for my clients. It was truly a new perspective on how to handle anxiety that I’ve never heard. It is what everything I do is based upon. Every session I have and every course I create has this as its foundation. It is based on years of evidence based research so it is scientifically proven to work for anxiety.


So all this to say, after 12 years of being a therapist with people 1:1 as well as groups


I wanted to take therapy beyond client sessions and the proverbial couch. I wanted to be able to connect with people as a teacher and coach and not as a therapist. I wanted to take down the professional veil so to speak and connect with more people to get the message out there.


I want to give people the tools and strategies to help them in an accessible and convenient way to help people help themselves on their own time!


So I started this journey of Unlock! Unlock is all about unlocking therapy and giving it to people in easy to learn formats they can take and be their own therapist to help you feel lighter, more hopeful and above all else, relieved!

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