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Free Anxiety Workbook for attending class LIVE!

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* seats are limited*

How many of these do you say YES to?

1. it's your day off and you can't imagine laying on your couch "doing nothing" without feeling eaten up by guilt that you SHOULD be cleaning or being productive

2. it's 11pm and after scrolling on your phone you roll over to try to sleep... lists of to-do's or what if's are now scrolling through your head...

3. you are not comfortable with uncertainty

If  these hit home, you need to get your butt in my live event! I'm inviting you to come hang out with me LIVE next week!



Now imagine....


- Sitting at a table with a hot cup of coffee doing a puzzle


- Sitting on the couch with your feet up reading a book with no tension or feelings of guilt!


- Being able to relax and be in the moment even with chores undone


Feel lighter without unwanted thoughts suffocating you. 


This is the first time this year I have done a free live event and it may be the ONLY time all year! 

This masterclass is what my poor 20yr old self desperately needed because she was an anxious girl... and I'll show my age here by saying there was no youtubers talking about mental health or tiktok therapists or even commercials about therapy (loving your ads Michael Phelps) and instagram did not exist...


As any 20yr old struggling with mental health, I naturally became an anxiety therapist. 


I learned the most effective research proven strategies to become thee best anxiety therapist so I can be here now with over 15 years of experience, sharing my tools with as many people as possible. 


How do you know when your anxiety is normal and healthy vs in need of action?


I share the 3 concrete ways to know for sure if your anxiety needs action.


I teach you exactly how to see if you are over the limits of normal stress. I teach you 3 out of the box solutions to your anxiety, whether it is in normal range or not, they will be helpful to begin using immediately!


I’ve packaged it all together in my brand new,  free live masterclass:

45 MINUTE MASTERCLASS: Anxiety, How Much is Too Much?


Frequently Asked Questions


How long is this masterclass?​


A: 45 minutes with a Q & A for people to have their questions answered.​

How soon can I expect to feel better?

A: You will feel better the day you attend the masterclass. The 3 strategies I teach help ease anxiety symptoms right away as your brain gets the right information it needs to better respond to your needs as we retrain that brain!


How is this different than reading a book?​


A: This masterclass delivers concrete strategies that will give you the information you need to take action. Masterclasses & online course or coaching are more action driven than reading a book. Reading a book is taking in information and masterclasses are for taking action and telling you exactly what you can do to get a result today. It is a "how to" a step by step guide for action and change. ​


How is this different than what I would work on with a therapist?​


A: The skills and tools I teach I are the best anxiety tools I have learned professionally in research proven therapy trainings. They are skills and tools based in evidence and research proven to deliver results for people.


This masterclass is in line with coaching as it is action driven and not talking about factors that brought you here.


It deals with the here and now and what to do as the next action so you can have the results you need to get your needs met effectively.


In therapy with clients I cannot tell clients what to do, in coaching, my masterclasses I am very direct in the best actions for direct outcome.


​I practice therapy with clients and I have been in therapy myself.

The challenges people have with therapy are:

Finding the right personality fit with you. The social component hold people back from finding the right connection that they can relate with and feel understood. 

Finding therapists with openings or getting them to call you back because they are so full already.

Finding therapists you want to work with that take your insurance, and checking how high your copay is, it is often much higher for mental health often $50+ per session with insurance coverage.

Therapists out of network, including myself, charge upwards of $250 per session. 


 Masterclasses & online programs deliver high value, concrete skills derived from therapy, and cut to the chase.


There is no talking about how you week was and falling into a friendly casual trap of therapy.


You get just the skills you need, are held accountable with live events, can replay the videos on your own time and complete it when you need.


What if I can not make it live?​


A: You will get sent a replay after the masterclass to have and watch at your leisure.

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