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Masterclass: When to Say No

The 10 Factors that Decide When to Say No and How Strongly to Say It

with Lindsey Huttner, LCSW      Anxiety Therapist & Coach

Just some of what you will get in this masterclass:

I'm going to show you how to can shift your mindset, rewire your brain, from feeling afraid of confrontation, not knowing what to say, giving too much to others while being left depleted
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knowing WHAT to say , WHEN to say it for saying no to unwanted requests, HOW to implement boundaries and you will FEEL confident about confrontation!

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Who is this for?

If even just ONE of these sounds like you, do NOT miss this class

1-  You feel depleted from giving away your time and energy to other people & do not feel reciprocated.

2- You do not speak up for yourself and it causes you to not level up at work or in relationships.

3- You do not feel appreciated or valued by others.

4- You do not know how to ask or receive help from others.

5- You worry about others not liking you or judging you.

6- You never want to be called on in a meeting or at an event.


"I have known Lindsey Huttner, LCSW for about 10 years now. She has an amazing way of making others feel calm, cared for, listened to, valued, and respected. Lindsey has a great ability to engage with the people she works with and help them create an individualized plan that allows them to progress on their own terms and at their own pace. If you are looking for treatment/ support do not hesitate to reach out to Lindsey Huttner, to get your needs met."



"Lindsey Huttner is caring, knowledgeable, professional, enthusiastic and determined to help. Individualism and communication are two of her greatest strength. As a fellow Social Worker I am proud of the work she does. I highly recommend Lindsey Huttner LCSW to anyone looking to heal and work on themselves."

Jennifer Ruiz Blandon, LCSW

"I am a Nurse Practitioner who had the pleasure of working with Lindsey Huttner as she counseled many of my patients. I witnessed the positive effects of her insight, calming nature, non-judgemental assessment and guidance. I highly recommend her as a therapist."

Mimieux Caesar-Dume, NP

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this masterclass?

A: 45 minutes with a Q & A for people to have their questions answered.

How is this different than reading a book?

A: This masterclass delivers concrete strategies that will give you the information you need to take action. Masterclasses & online course or coaching are more action driven than reading a book. Reading a book is taking in information and masterclasses are for taking action and telling you exactly what you can do to get a result today. It is a "how to" a step by step guide for action and change. 

How is this different than what I would work on with a therapist?

A: The skills and tools I teach I learned as a therapist from various therapy modalities and trainings. They are skills and tools based in evidence and research proven to deliver results for people. This masterclass is in line with coaching as it is action driven and not talking about factors that brought you here. It deals with the here and now and what to do as the next action so you can have the results you need to get your needs met effectively. In therapy with clients I cannot tell clients what to do, in coaching, my masterclasses I am very direct in the best actions for direct outcome. 

I practice therapy with clients and I have been in therapy myself. I know how challenging it can be to schedule appointments that work for you, find a therapist you vibe with, find a therapist that takes your insurance or is within your budget, find a therapist that has openings and one that calls you back. Masterclasses & online resources deliver value, concrete skills derived from therapy, and cut to the chase. There is no talking about how you week was and therefore you get just the skills you need to make changes on your own schedule and complete when you can. 

What if I can not make it live?

A: You will get sent a replay after the masterclass to have and watch at your leisure. 

A Note from Lindsey

I was always very smart, driven and ambitious. I was not always confident and assertive. I still struggle with being assertive and addressing confrontation. I have used these exact skills to say no to unwanted requests and have practiced exercises to rewire my brain and no longer fear speaking up in public, in meetings, in class, or anywhere. I am VERY confident. 

As a therapist for over 15 years, and a manager of women's health for a major hospital in NYC, I have had to grow my assertiveness to get what I want. I wanted to get promoted, to succeed in my career, to manage and lead a team of people, to run two successful businesses and host a podcast! I have done all of it and more. The girl who used to sit in the back of the classroom getting straight A's but never wanting to be called on is so proud. 

I have been in therapy several times in my life. It was great and transformative however I wish my 18yr old self would have had online courses and masterclasses to learn these skills from instead of having to book an appointment at inconvenient times, worry about health insurance, copays or out of pocket expenses.

I wish I had the knowledge of the internet when I really needed it. To be able to read ways to help myself would have been so helpful, to watch lessons from therapists and coaches online, to replay videos that teach me skills, would have been a dream. When I was in college instagram did not exist and youtube wasn't a thing. There were no online coaches teaching their expertise and knowledge that I could pull up on my phone when I was having a hard time. I created this to help those out there that want to be their own therapist and learn how to rewire their brains and change their lives from their phone or laptop and do it in a way that is not intimidating or scary! Hope this helps. 

All my best
- Lindsey

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