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Goals + Learning Objectives:


Recieve effective tools and research based knowledge to obtain confidence and feel empowered. Learn how to increase the intensity or decrease intensity of an ask based upon 3 factors of the situation and relationship. Learn how to validate others- even when you do not agree with them. Learn to validate yourself without the feelings of guilt. Begin to get comfortable with asking for help.


Course Description:


A women-focused self-honoring course that teaches women to put theirselves first. Learn to fill up your own cup without the feeling of guilt. Do you wonder what your life would look life if you stopped trying to be a people pleaser? If you could say no to others? What if you could call in your food order yourslef and didn’t have to ask your partner to do it for you? What if you could easily ask the barista for a different coffee because yours taste weird? Or even bigger things such as, saying no to helping that family member move this weekend. Telling your in-laws that you don’t want to do a holiday with them because you would rather run off to an airbnb and start your own tradition. Asking your job confidently for that long, overdue raise. Or even make friends as an adult. From the small things to the bigger ones I am here to help teach and guide you as you learn to stop being a people pleaser and learn it’s okay to please yourself.


Course Assets:


  • Assertiveness Quiz: Find Out Where You Fall on Your Level of People Pleasing


  • 4 Assertiveness Skills to Use Immediately

      Printable PDFs For Each Skill


  • 4 Videos Teaching You the Skills You Need



  • Self Esteem Daily Journal Printable


  • Practice Assignments to Start Changing Your Behaviors and Mindset

No More People Pleasing - Mini Course

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