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Session 28: How to "Adult," Big Life Decisions & Why You will Never Pass Out if You're Anxious

If the subway, planes, trains, buses or standing in line in a hot crowded store makes you feel panicked and think you will pass out this episode is for you! 

If you feel paralyzed by big decision making as an adult, this episode is for you! 

In today's episode Lindsey Huttner, an anxiety therapist and coach, discusses how to begin making adult decisions and not being paralyzed with choices. Then she explains why it is actually impossible to pass out when you are anxious.

In Skill of the Week, Lindsey explains how you can cope with panic with facts and logic. You will learn how to assess if your anxiety is fear based or fact based. 

In Action Item of the Week, Lindsey encourages you to make the next best decision as an adult. 

Get proven strategies to be your own therapist, to get more relief, lightness, and hope in your daily life here: 

Free Resources:

Lindsey is giving you all a free copy of the daily self esteem journal she has made to help people. Get your own self esteem journal here. 

Why do I have anxiety tool:



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