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Session 2: The Skill of Self Talk for Your Anxiety

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

"Start Practicing tiny ways of how you can serve yourself. Talk to yourself, show up for yourself, and connect with your feelings and body."

Connecting to ourselves is an effective way of understanding who we are, what we want or what we need. We can do it by talking to ourself or tending to what our body needs. This is a significant step for us to understand and serve ourselves.

In todays session, Lindsey shares an important technique that you can use in dealing with anxiety. Aside from her weekly highs and lows, she will also discuss how anxiety works. She will also share the importance of self talk, as well as, connecting with yourself.

Tune in now and learn about the importance of caring for yourself!


(01:51) Lindsey’s Highs and Lows

(05:41) AnxiTEA: How Anxiety Works

(15:38) Skill Of The Week: Self Talk

(17:11) Action Item of the Week: Connect to Your Body

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