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Session 19: Do What's Working & Not Something New

Don't try new things when it comes to improving your habits. Instead look back at yesterday, what did you do that felt good? Maybe you took a walk and felt more energy after. Make note of that and copy & paste that action today. Maybe you had some veggies with your dinner, copy & paste that again since you recognize it made you feel better. Maybe you had coffee with a friend and left feeling lighter and more connected to others. We want to review what we are already doing that makes us feel good and fills up our soul. We can use those actions that work for us and do more of them. Goal setting often focuses on lack, deprivation, cutting things out and not doing things. If we shift our focus to doing MORE it can really help your mindset. Do more of what made you feel better, more fulfilled and reduced your stress level.

In today's episode Lindsey Huttner, an anxiety therapist and coach, will give this perspective setting yourself up to have more fulfilling days by doing more.

In anxiTEA Lindsey gives you another Kardashian tidbit that relates to why the long way is the best way, without shortcuts or quick fixes.

Lindsey wraps up with your homework assignment during action item of the week.

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