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Session 22: Intrusive Thoughts, OCD & Existential Anxiety

Intrusive thoughts are much more common than people realize. Intrusive thoughts are unwanted thoughts that pop into our head without warning, often disturbing and distressing in their content.

Everyone has intrusive thoughts at some point. Our minds generate random unpleasant dark thoughts from time to time. It is no surprise to me that my most viral instagram reel is about relaxing and then a random thought of "what if someone I know dies in a car crash" pops into your head. It has received more likes and shares than any other post I have done! It is relatable because it happens to everyone.

Sometimes intrusive thoughts get stuck. When they get stuck and it is repetitive or has a theme to it that crops up often, we can feel crazy. People with intrusive thoughts are scared to share them because they do not want someone to think they really feel that way. Thoughts are not real desires or wants.

In today's episode Lindsey Huttner, an anxiety therapist and coach, will give you the way to deal with intrusive thoughts, she also shares about her own experience with intrusive thoughts around existential anxiety which led her to find her own therapist.

Lindsey also shares how to support someone you may know that experiences intrusive thoughts.

In Action Item of the Week Lindsey gives the suggestion of JOY.



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