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Session 24: How to Let Go of What Others Think of You & A New Take on New Year's Resolutions

Have you ever been consumed with what someone thinks of you, even though you know better? You can't stop ruminating about a comment that was made, or something a person did and feeling like they are judging you? It is human nature to want to be liked by others and to be concerned about not fitting in and not being liked.

HOWEVER there are strategies we can use to help stop our thoughts from going down a negative rabbit hole and "mind reading" what others think about us. 

In today's episode Lindsey Huttner, an anxiety therapist and coach, will give you tools to use to stop those ruminating thoughts and build up your confidence during our skill of the week segment.

In AnxiTEA today where we spill the tea on a hot topic in mental health we are diving into New Year's Resolutions! Lindsey shares a new perspective about setting yourself up for sucess and changing your perspective on habit change. 

In Action Item of the Week Lindsey tells you to do LESS to enjoy more this holiday season. 


Link mentioned in today's episode: for language lessons & tutoring. 


Get proven strategies to be your own therapist, to get more relief, lightness, and hope in your daily life here: 

Free Resources:

Lindsey is giving you all a free copy of the daily self esteem journal she has made to help people. Get your own self esteem journal here. 

Why do I have anxiety tool:



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