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Session 27: Handling Mom Anxiety & The Math Trick that Will Show Your Anxiety Who is Boss!

Mom anxiety is real and scary! Learn the most common mom anxieties & how to normalize your anxiety. Everything in motherhood is a phase, including your own anxiety!

In today's episode Lindsey Huttner, an anxiety therapist and coach, discusses common mom anxieties & thoughts. 


In Skill of the Week Lindsey explains how you can use math and probability to show your brain the truth. Using math will help decrease the adrenaline being released by your brain by showing how unlikely your fears are from happening. This is the number one skill my clients tell me every week helps them through an increase in their anxiety. 

Just because something is possible does NOT mean that it is probable. 

In Action Item of the Week Lindsey encourages you to do math with something you are afraid of this week. 


Get proven strategies to be your own therapist, to get more relief, lightness, and hope in your daily life here: 

Free Resources:

Lindsey is giving you all a free copy of the daily self esteem journal she has made to help people. Get your own self esteem journal here. 

Why do I have anxiety tool:



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