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Session 29: Interview with AMY PORTERFIELD: Giving your Two Weeks Notice with her Action Plan

Are you ready to go from being stuck and complacent to courageous and capable of creating a business offering you the time and financial freedom you never dreamed possible? I’m excited to introduce you to Amy Porterfield, host of top-rated podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, and a 9-to-5 escapee who built an 8-figure online business on her terms. Today on the show, we talked all about having to get more comfortable not being for everyone. Her new book, Two Weeks Notice, is released and you can get it anywhere books are sold. Order now at

In today's episode Lindsey Huttner, anxiety coach and therapist, interviews Amy Porterfield to get all the information you need to have the plan that will get you out the job that is causing you anxiety and into your own journey. 

Let me ask you a question…whose dream do you devote most of your days to? A third of our lives are spent working. If that truth makes your heart sink because you know you’re spending so much of your precious time helping your company’s “bottom line,” you’re not alone.

Most people have been led to believe that entrepreneurship is only for a chosen few — the ones with connections, a nest egg, and original ideas you could never compete with. But most people are wrong. Building your own business has never been more accessible. 

In an age of collective uncertainty where 73% of employees are considering leaving their jobs, only 20% of people are passionate about their jobs, and the pandemic highlighted the importance of living on purpose, this is the book we need to create massive change.


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