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Session 3: Unhooking our Thoughts.. & Baby Noises

We can't control our thoughts, especially anxious ones. However we can respond to our thoughts in a healthy way. When we change the relationship with our thoughts and realize.... they're JUST thoughts. They have no emotion innately and when we remove the emotion we assign to them it helps us unhook from them. This is the number way to help improve your anxiety. 1. Notice your thought. 2. Label is as JUST a thought. 3. Use a thought defusion technique from this episode to let it move on it's way.

In today's episode, Lindsey Huttner, an anxiety therapist and coach, will be talking about updates in her life and sharing the number 1 skill to improve anxiety. She does a deep dive into "perceived stress" and how it can teach us resilience. She assigns us our action item to help improve our own mental wellness this week.

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